About Us


My professional media experience began in the early 1970’s as a part time professional photographer photographing Rock bands, individual artists, models and occasional weddings.
In 1975 as a student at a local private college, I majored in ‘Media Studies’ for just over one year.

Past experience also includes a thirty year career working as a producer for a local entertainment production company in the role of associate or line producer also beginning in the mid 1970’s.
I began working with digital video cameras in 2004 and with pro-sumer video cameras in 2006. Additionally, I have been and remain a member of local public access community television. I’ve co-produced a series of four CD’s under the Duluth Rocked/Showcase Records label which were compilations of previously recorded music from Northern Minnesota artists. Additionally, I have produced two other compact disk re-release albums.
Since 2010, I have produced an ‘Opry Style’ entertainment show with an accompanying hour long DVD. Recently I have produced an episodic television program for the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. Additionally, I have recently produced a bio/documentary for a local entertainment production company.
From the ‘boomer’ generation and a 1968 high school graduate, I profess to be and avid student of history and of our local culture. I enlisted in the armed forces in 1969 and honorably discharged in 1972. My family has always served the call of duty to include a retired Naval Petty Officer and Vietnam veteran sibling, a father and uncles serving in combat in World War II and descendants who served in the American Civil War.

I’ve recently retired from a major medical center in May of 2015 and have since devoted full time efforts into the J – Files studio business.

Producing quality video and video archives, requires in most cases, professional and dedicated experts. We at J – Files Media enlist local well seasoned professionals with decades of experience in the fields of film, video, editing and production. We are very serious about our goals and our objective is to offer you and future generations a quality product for viewing on demand.